Trump erroneously claims (again) that Ivanka has "gotten jobs" for 14 million people (VIDEO)

President Donald Trump on Thursday is repeating the false claim that his daughter, Ivanka Trump, has created 14 million jobs over the last two years.

Trump received a lot of push back for the false claim last month but he's repeating the lie again and again - probably because his supporters like hearing things like this. That, or they simply don't care.

Trump made the same claim last month, as well:

"367 private sector partners are providing more than 14 million skill and training opportunities for U.S. workers. And, I have to say I'm very proud of my daughter Ivanka. That's all she wants to talk about. I say Ivanka, we can talk about something else? She says, no dad. I met with Walmart. They're taking a million people. She wants to let these people have great lives."

Trump says Ivanka's goal was 500,000 jobs when she started her jobs initiative, but she's "now created 14 million jobs."

See what he just did there? It's almost like he just took some numbers that were given and twisted them around to suit his talking points.

Of course, the entire economy has only created 6.5 million jobs since 2017 alone, so what he's saying is impossible. Heck - in the history of the United States, former President Bill Clinton ranks #1 for most jobs created, even more so than Franklin D. Roosevelt. He is credited with adding 18.6 million jobs throughout his eight-year presidency.