Trump Does Not Want To Be At 9/11 Memorial Service (Screenshots)

President Donald Trump looks absolutely miserable today as he and First Lady Melania Trump attend a 9/11 memorial service in Shanksville, PA.

You can easily tell he does not want to be there.

Perhaps, POTUS has other things on his mind? Regardless - here are a few of the screenshots captured of Trump at the ceremony. He looks mad or bored half the time.

Let's zoom in on that face.

What is going on inside the head of Donald Trump right now?

Trump's reactions throughout the service continued to be awkward.

As more and more people stepped up to the podium to speak about 9/11's fallen heroes, Trump looked more and more bored. It's possible the president just has too much energy to sit still in one place for too long a time. That, or, as we suspect, he really just didn't want to be there. Of course, he can never admit that, because politically that would be a bad move.

Here's President Trump just randomly starring off into space while people are speaking in the other direction:

Maybe Trump is just tired? Probably not. A photo of Trump stepping off Marine One went viral this morning when he did a double first pump walking up to greet supporters of his before he went to the memorial service.

See below.

We will admit, when Trump finally got his chance to speak, he appeared much more relaxed than usual. The speech really wasn't even that bad. He performed his presidential duty of giving the speech. Some people noted he appeared drugged, he was so relaxed. Some thought he was slurring. We didn't think that was the case as much, but we can see what they mean.

Since it's 9/11, let's not forget a past claim of Trump's on this important day in American history: he falsely stated that he helped look for survivors and clear rubble right after the terrorist attacks. The truth is: he didn't. He was lying.

There was even video captured of him making the false claim.

After the memorial service, Trump is scheduled to embark back to Washington D.C. and meet with his Secretary of Defense and the Administrator of the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA).

So far, Trump has refused to officially declare the state of Virginia (a blue state) a state of emergency, even though Democratic Governor Ralph Northam said the state needed it. He did, however, declare state of emergencies for Republican-friendly North Carolina and South Carolina.