Trump makes up fake results by doctoring poll. The numbers are no where near the truth (IMAGE)

President Donald Trump started off Thursday with a bang. The first thing he tweeted out was "Great news!" He then showed off a picture depicting his "soaring approval" at 58% in regards to the economy, and 55% overall.

There's only one big problem with that, though. Trump doctored the numbers.

Bloomberg reporter Steven Dennis pointed it out right away: "This screenshot is wrong. Trump's approval on the economy is 58% but his overall approval is just 43% in this poll, NOT 55%. His favorable rating is just 40%. 38% say he deserves reelection. 57% say it's time to give someone else a chance to be president."

NBC politics reporter Carrie Dann also noticed the lie:

"This graphic is only half right.   The GU battleground poll DID find Trump's approval on the economy at 58%   But his overall approval rating was at 43% (31% strongly approve, 12% approve)."

She then listed the link to the full details of the poll President Trump cited.

As of this moment it's unclear where the president is getting his 55% number from, but we doubt its just a typo. Chances are the president is just blatantly sharing false information in order to make himself feel better in the morning. That, or his staff is lying to him because they're scared of what will happen if they tell him how bad he's really doing.

There's also another story here: Even with this poll aside, Trump is cherry-picking what information he wants to boast about, while ignoring all the other data. Several polls show his overall approval rating at mostly disapproval. In fact, 7 of 8 polls taken on Wednesday largely disagreed with the job he was doing as president. Only one poll showed approval, and that was only by a mere 4% points.