Trump declares during meeting: 'I cannot tell a lie!' before telling another lie (VIDEO)

President Donald Trump told reporters on Monday that it was impossible for him to lie, before proceeding to tell a lie about the United States testing for Covid-19 more than all countries combined.

This has already been fact-checked. While the U.S. has increased its testing significantly it still lags behind Germany and South Korea, for example, in per capita testing.

"I cannot tell a lie," Trump said with a straight face.

Trump claims that he should be credited with saving millions of people because of the actions he took as president.

"If we didn't do the moves we made, you would've had a million, a million and a half, 2 million people dead ... that's not acceptable."

Before saying this he suggested that Democrats were ultimately responsible for the coronavirus outbreak being as bad as it is because they were preoccupied with impeaching him instead of going after China earlier in the year.