Trump: Courts won't 'allow' my impeachment because I don't even know how it works (VIDEO)

Trump claimed Thursday morning that "the courts" will not allow him to be impeached, even though the courts have nothing to do with impeaching a president.

Trump was asked by reporters on the White House lawn if he believes Congress will impeach him, given the growing number of lawmakers saying it's time to begin impeachment proceedings.

"I don't see how," Trump replied. "They can — because they're possibly allowed, although I can't imagine the courts allowing it."

Trump also insisted that impeachment is a "dirty, filthy, disgusting word" — even though he didn't seem to feel that way when Barack Obama was president.

Trump's insistence that the courts will somehow protect him from impeachment shows his extreme ignorance of how the Constitution works.

Impeachment is a process initiated by the House of Representatives. If the House passes articles of impeachment, the Senate holds a trial that could lead to removal from office.

"The courts" have nothing to do with it and do not have the authority to "allow" impeachment.

Given the increasing calls for impeachment proceedings, one might expect Trump to do his basic homework on the subject. At least 50 lawmakers in the House and Senate are currently calling for an impeachment inquiry against Trump to begin. That is an increase from a week ago when there were 29 such calls.

Such calls are only likely to grow louder and larger in number as Trump continues to obstruct congressional investigations into his crimes, as detailed in special counsel Robert Mueller's report, and other potential crimes and misdeeds by his administrations.

Congress doesn't need the court's permission to impeach Trump, and even his efforts to pack the courts with right-wing ideologues can't stop it from happening.

Published with permission of The American Independent. Attribution: Oliver Willis.