Trump claims people are "soaking wet" standing in line for his rally. It hasn't rained, though (VIDEO)

President Donald Trump once again began trumping up falsehoods before his rally in Fayetteville, North Carolina today.

Trump just said there are people in line for his rally and "they are soaking wet." Per CNN's Betsy Klein, "it is 88 and sunny here in Fayetteville. It has not rained here today."

Maybe Trump thinks Hurricane Dorian caused this?

The president was scheduled to tour damage caused by the hurricane with Governor Roy Cooper in areas of Havelock on Monday afternoon.  It's possible he just assumed standing in lines meant rain, but the hurricane has since long passed. It's all the way up in Canada already.

This is just more evidence that something is not right with Trump's mental state. He's been making a lot of gaffes recently, not to mention the infamous claim that Alabama was still under threat even though the storm had already shifted towards the north.

Despite his own lies, Trump goaded his audience into angrily booing "the fake news."

One of Trump's primary reasons for the rally is to support Dan Bishop in the state's do-over vote in a special election that is taking place on Tuesday. He also attacked the "fake news" media.

When Trump got tired of talking about how "fake" everything was, Trump next's agenda was to continue his big lie about voter fraud in California.

He said this even though he already disbanded his own voter fraud commission after not being able to come up with any evidence of illegal voting. That's not stopping him from talking about it at his rallies, though, in order to get much needed votes from willing believers.

Trump called out a woman in the crowd and asked her: "What's your neighborhood, where do you live?" He then personalized his message against "hardened, horrible criminals" by saying "How do you feel about them being released in your neighborhood?"