Trump says he doesn't know the two guys just arrested but he personally had dinner with them (VIDEO)

On the front lawn of the White House on Thursday, President Donald Trump spoke with the press before hopping in Marine One to head over to Minneapolis for a rally.

One of the questions surrounded the recent development of two foreign-born men getting arrested just hours after having lunch with Trump's personal attorney Rudy Giuliani.

One of the men arrested was scheduled to testify before Congress and attempted to flee the country before doing so. Authorities found one-way plane tickets in their possession at Dulles airport.

Commentary: Does this White House really think we're going to think Giuliani and Trump aren't behind them trying to flee?

Trump was asked about the two men Lev Parnas and Igor Fruman and he claims to not know them, that this is something only Rudy knows about. But - Trump has had dinner with the two men in the past.

According to the Wall Street Journal, Trump had dinner with Parnas and Fruman once in May 2018 just before they donated a huge sum of money to a pro-Trump super PAC. They also had dinner with Donald Trump Jr. at a fundraising breakfast in Beverly Hills, Calif. later on.

Trump says he "has pictures with everyone." This may be true, but he didn't just take a picture. He had a full-fledged meal. He has yet to acknowledge this point.

The two men are charged with trying to funnel money into U.S. elections from foreign sources and then trying to conceal where the money actually came from. The money is meant to help Republicans win elections.

Trump wants us to believe that he and Giuliani didn't discuss the number one story today trending in the news regarding their arrests - even though Giuliani is connected, and the only reason Giuliani is talking to them is most likely to do work on Trump's behalf. The two guys are helping Giuliani get dirt on the Biden family and this is something Trump can't stop talking about. No conversation, though? The whole thing smells fishy.

It seems like this is something right out of the Trump playbook. We all witnessed how Trump denied the Stormy Daniels affair, then denied the Stormy Daniels hush payments, and finally, Michael Cohen admitted it was all a lie after having to go to jail. We wonder if the same thing will happen here with Rudy Giuliani. Word on the street is he could be the next domino to fall.