Trump Claims Aretha Franklin Worked For Him But She Sang At Obama's Inauguration, Not His

So far, after being president for more than 19 months, Trump has worked diligently to try and erase Obama's legacy, slashing one program after another, or attempting nefarious acts like cutting funding for Obamacare outreach programs, to lessen future enrollments. He's done it all.

Now - seemingly unrelated, but it is - with the passing of legendary singer Aretha Franklin - Trump is trying to sound sincere regarding her passing. He made a few comments to that effect. First, with a tweet:

......and, then, with an announcement that he read off a piece of paper, making it sound even less authentic.

Some people thought the tweet was a bit insensitive. It's hard to tell a person's tone when it's only done in a few characters.

When you watch Trump say that Aretha worked for him "on numerous occasions," we're left with questions: what is he talking about?

It's possible Aretha may have sang at some functions Trump has privately funded, that may be true, but the fact remains that Aretha Franklin sang at President Obama's first inauguration, not President Trump's.

Watch Aretha Franklin sing at Obama's first inauguration on January 20th, 2009:

In fact, the Obama's and the Franklin's have a special relationship with one another. The former First Family was very close to her.

Here's video of Obama crying after hearing Mrs. Franklin sing at the 2015 Kennedy Center while performing "You Make Me Feel Like A Natural Woman."

When Aretha passed, Obama not only sent her a warm tweet, but included pictures of some of their memories together.

And, Mrs. Obama did, too.

The truth is, Aretha Franklin was a fan of the Obama administration. Trump is trying to make it sound like she performed for him the same way she did with the Obama's, and so far, there's really no proof of that.