Trump chuckles when someone suggests shooting immigrants at his rally (VIDEO)

President Donald Trump says the latest mass shootings in El Paso, TX and Dayton, Ohio might be due to "mental illness" or some other reasoning not yet fully articulated. Leaders in the Republican Party say "homelessness" might be the reason.

Yet - we know why at least one of them occurred. The shooter said so himself, saying that the "Hispanic invasion" was a problem.

He might have had hate in his heart for a long time, even before the era of Trump, but this is the same exact rhetoric Trump uses at his rallies, further emboldening people who look up to him. He is, in fact, President of the United States.

Trump claims he's against this type of hate, but it doesn't take much going back in time too far to hear Trump at one of his rallies saying over and over "this is an invasion. It is. How do we stop it? I was badly criticized for using the word 'invasion' but that's what it is."

Trump even laughed, or chuckled if you will, when someone in the crowd answered his question and said 'shoot them.' He actually laughed at this and didn't condemn it.

This is the reality. This is Trump's history. This is the problem and Trump is responsible for it.

Fast forward to today: Trump says he wants to stop this kind of hatred but he doesn't even have the courage to tell his supporters to stop.

Another case in point: When "send her back" chants overtook a rally a month ago, Trump let it happen. He later said he didn't agree, but then just a day later, called his supporters true patriots for doing it. He said he's simply not responsible for what goes on at his rallies. That's his official stance.

He says he doesn't know if they will stop, and that's the final word on the matter.

The entire world knows all this. This isn't news. We're writing this because it needs to be remembered, plain and simple.

Don't ever forget Trump laughing there up on the stage when his supporters told him directly how they'd solve the immigrant problem. The President of the United States did nothing. Remember that next time one of his followers shoots up a group of people and he sends his thoughts and prayers.