Trump wants Congress to ignore video of him saying 'Biden will be nominee' five days after call

President Donald Trump now wants people to believe that the whole Ukraine scandal is a total farce because he doesn't even think Biden is going to win now.

That's a very convenient position to have when you're facing impeachment for trying to go after your political rivals in the 2020 election, especially when you're using a foreign government's help to do so.

Trump stated today on the White House lawn:

“Let me tell you: I’m only interested in corruption,” Trump said. “I don’t care about politics. I don’t care about Biden’s politics. I never thought Biden was going to win, to be honest. I picked somebody else a long time ago. And we’ll see what happens.”

“But I never thought Biden was going to win,” Trump said again, and went on to add, “But I never thought Biden was going to win. I don’t care about politics, but I do care about corruption. And this whole thing is about corruption.”

But on July 30, just five days after his phone call with Ukraine's president, Trump was asked if he was going to watch the Democratic debate and was asked this very question:

Reporter:  “Do you have a sense yet, in your gut, as to who your likely opponent will be in 2020?”

“I think right now it will be Sleepy Joe,” Trump said, referring to Biden.

“I think,” he added. “I feel he’ll limp across the line. That’s what I think.”

He went on to add that “I think he’s off his game by a lot, but I think — personally, I think it’s going to be Sleepy Joe.”

So, basically everything Trump is saying today is total baloney. All of this is on video. This isn't made up. Trump can't hide from stuff like this and changing your statements so much isn't going to help in the impeachment process, either.