Trump caught by film crew struggling to read the U.S. Constitution: "It's like a foreign language" he said

President Donald Trump was being filmed by a documentary crew just six weeks after being sworn in as president for an HBO production.

In a new book entitled A Very Stable Genius, Philip Rucker and Carol Leonnig wrote about Trump expressing frustration over reading aloud the U.S. Constitution in front of everybody.

Nancy Pelosi's daughter Alexandra Pelosi actually directed the documentary titled The Words That Built America and met with Trump at the White House to film him reading the Constitution on camera. The reason Trump agreed to this was because all six living presidents as well as all six vice presidents had agreed to read a portion of the constitution. Trump didn't want to be the only one left out.

Trump was allowed to choose the portion of the Constitution he wanted to read. He selected the opening of Article II, the part of the Constitution that talks about a president's election and the scope of his or her power.

"You’re lucky you got the easy part,” Pelosi told him. It gets complicated after this.” This apparently got under his skin.

“It’s very hard to do because of the language here,” Trump told the crew. “It’s very hard to get through that whole thing without a stumble.” He added, “It’s like a different language, right?” After the cameraman failed to keep Trump calm, the president said out-loud, “It’s like a foreign language.”

Next Trump started attacking the crew, saying they were distracting him, which is why he was having so much trouble reading the U.S. Constitution: “You know, your paper was making a lot of noise. It’s tough enough,” Trump said."

“Every time he stumbled, he manufactured something to blame people,” another person in the room recalled. “He never said, ‘Sorry, I’m messing this up.’ [Other] people would screw up and say, ‘Ohhhh, I’m sorry.’ They would be self-effacing. He was making up excuses and saying there were distracting sounds.… He was definitely blaming everyone for his inability to get through it. That was prickly, or childish.”

"I didn’t expect this, but I felt sorry for him,” another witness said. “When [Vice President] Pence is reading it, when [former vice president [Dick] Cheney is reading it, I knew they knew the Constitution. And I thought, Before he got this job, he really should have read it.”