Trump can't stop talking about how "she wouldn't hang up my picture" (VIDEO)

President Donald Trump called into Fox & Friends this morning and went on a rant that lasted almost an entire hour.

A few moments stood out, including Trump getting upset that Marie Yovanovitch, the former Ambassador to Ukraine, wouldn't hang up his picture on a wall.

"This ambassador, that everybody says is so wonderful, she wouldn't hang up my picture in the Embassy, okay? She's in charge of the Embassy. She wouldn't hang it. It took her like a year and a half or two years for her to get the picture up."

The president then sounded like he was back in high school:

"She said bad things about me. She wouldn't defend me."

Former federal prosecutor Mimi Rocach says that "it took that long in many federal buildings." She thinks that Trump is not only lying about this but "targeting a woman with integrity" because she scares him.

Yovanovitch testified against Trump in the impeachment inquiry hearings. Her testimony was pivotal, along with the other witnesses. Nancy Pelosi thinks the House of Representative now has enough evidence to impeach Trump based on the testimony.

Oh, and speaking of Pelosi, Trump called her as "crazy as a bedbug." Co-host Brian Kilmeade dubbed the call a "stress release" for the president.

MSNBC's Nicolle Wallace wasn't too impressed. She is blaming Republicans for not holding Trump responsible. Outbursts like this should be condemned, but for some reason they're still standing behind the man.

“It’s going to take a dead Russian hooker at the bottom of the Hudson before Republicans wake up,” she said. “They don’t care about anything — and now they also don’t care about foreign interference in domestic elections.”

“Here’s the moment I’m waiting for — what’s going to happen when it happens to them?” she asked. “When the foreign intervention helps the Democrat but not the Republican?”

Watch the entire interview below: