Trump cancels trip to Poland after it's announced Hurricane Dorian headed towards Mar-a-Lago

President Donald Trump is now suddenly very worried about Hurricane Dorian.

His tone took a very different turn after it was announced that it could become a Category 5 hurricane and hit land just miles from Palm Beach where Trump's ocean-front hotel is located. Mar-a-Lago is also in the Hurricane's potential path.

Days ago, though, he was complaining as it was headed towards Puerto Rico.

He griped about all the aid the United States was spending on the U.S. territory. Now he wants to play president all of a sudden and stay behind as it stands to threaten his southern White House in Florida and not Puerto Rico, a place he doesn't care about. We get it.

"Puerto Rico is in great shape with Hurricane Dorian taking a largely different route than anticipated. Thank you to FEMA, first responders, and all, for working so hard & being so well prepared. A great result! The bad news, Florida get ready! Storm is building and will be BIG!

Hurricane Dorian looks like it will be hitting Florida late Sunday night. Be prepared and please follow State and Federal instructions, it will be a very big Hurricane, perhaps one of the biggest!"

Trump says "all resources" will now be available.

Right now, Hurricane Dorian is still a Category 1 storm with sustained winds of around 85 mph, according to the National Hurricane Center. It won't be classified as a Category 4 until Sunday, when it reaches the Bahamas.

Here is its latest path.

All of Florida and even Georgia are now preparing for a state of emergency. University of Miami has canceled classes starting at noon on Friday and Georgia won't be in the clear until at least September 9th, another 11 days.

FEMA associate administrator Jeffrey Byard says they are prepared but there will be a multi-billion dollar price tag.

“The most important thing now is to make sure the citizens understand the dangers that Hurricane Dorian will pose," he said. This is going to be a major storm again impacting some portions of Florida, somewhere along their Eastern coast, then go inland and create a lot of havoc with infrastructure, power, roads. A lot of rain.”

Interesting note: Trump once claimed that Mar-a-Lago took on $17 million in damage during the 2005 hurricane season even though an Associated Press investigation found little evidence that actually happened.