Watch Trump bribe Louisiana voters. Promises them a bridge if they vote for him again (VIDEO)

President Donald Trump made a trip to Lake Charles, Louisiana on Tuesday and was greeted by Lieutenant Governor Billy Nungesser, wearing none other than socks that featured Trump's face and signature hairline. Talk about a good ole' butt kissing.

Trump made the trip to speak at a natural gas export facility to promote energy infrastructure and economic growth. He also was there to bribe the entire state of Louisiana. He promised them that they would get a bridge that would commence on day one after the 2020 election.

Watch his words carefully. He said they would do all the planning now, but not start work until after he's elected again.

"I give you this commitment, if we win this election, which is just 16 months away, we're giving you a brand new I-10 bridge."

The crowd broke into a huge applause.

Trump continued: "And, we're gonna start work on it right away. We want to be prepared. Okay. So, we'll start work on it right away, in terms of planning and everything, let's do a beauty. It's got some problems, they've been trying to give you a new one for a long time. So, we're going to start planning and development right away, and we'll have it all set to go, day one, right after the election."

But, what happens if Louisiana doesn't vote for him? Exactly. We all know what happens when you cross Trump.

Watch the entire speech below: