Trump Breaks Royal Protocol By Walking Ahead Of The Queen, Forgot To Wait For Her (VIDEO)

President Donald Trump and First Lady Melania Trump met at Windsor Castle with Queen Elizabeth, after keeping her waiting onstage for more than 15 minutes - their first time meeting her majesty.

When Trump's motorcade finally arrived, Trump nor his wife bowed which is typical courtesy.

After this, the two walked along in ceremonial fashion inspecting the Queen's guards, before going back onstage.

Video of the incident appeared on ITV News, showing President Trump walking ahead of the Queen, completely forgetting to wait for her.

After awkwardly walking along and perhaps realizing what was going on, Trump finally decided to stop and look behind him to see where Queen Elizabeth was. This gave her enough time to catch up with him and go back to the right-side of Trump.

British media quickly caught on to the display, reporting that Trump broke royal protocol by blocking out the Queen.

"It is considered rude to turn your back on Her Majesty when meeting the Queen," per Express UK News.

Royal correspondent, Richard Fitzwilliams told the outlet that they thought "it was inappropriate behavior."

Shortly after this, Trump went inside with the Queen for tea where they spent a total of 57 minutes together.

Related news: Protests broke out all over London for Trump's visit. Some 250,000 people filled the streets just to let him know they didn't want him there.

Michael Avenatti even made an appearance, joining in on the protests.