Trump blew off GOP senator, now he's heading home early, won't vote on border wall

On Wednesday, President Donald Trump might have made a tragic, strategic mistake.

Departing Republican Senator Bob Corker had a meeting with the president at the White House, and while he was in the waiting room, the president stiffed him. Trump canceled the meeting at the last second, blowing him off.

Now - just one day later - the House just passed a funding bill that's said won't get enough votes in the Senate, which Republicans control.

One reason why is because Senator Corker is going home tomorrow for the holidays, vote or not. And, he's skipping the vote because he thinks the president deserves it for how he treats members of his own party, just like the president did to him yesterday.

Here's Corker's full exchange with reporters:

Corker: “Well Mitch is on the phone with Paul right now so..." *starts chuckling*

Reporter: Why are you laughing?

Corker: “Well, why not?”

Reporter: Are you surprised by this?

Corker: “No, not really. I mean look at Syria yesterday... this is elementary relative to the decision made yesterday in such a precipitous way right, I mean you’re talking about a major policy decision made in the same manner right so this is something that whatever happens we all know we’ll move beyond. What happened yesterday in Syria which is a similar kind of decision making process is going to affect things things for the long haul.”

Reporter: What is the path forward on the CR though?

Corker: “I don’t know. Y’all have fun. I’m getting ready to drive to Chattanooga.”

Reporter: What’s the guidance from leadership?

Corker: “They have no guidance ... I saw senators heading out going home knowing that even if we vote they’re going to give folks time to get back ... I think they’re just sorta swirling around over there”

Then Ted Cruz walked by and said: “I think we need to follow through with funding for the border”

Corker laughed again: “You can’t make this stuff up”

In total, more than 40 members (not just Republicans) have been absent in this late round of voting, which further complicates Trump's ability to get enough votes to pass funding for a border wall.