Trump Attacks MSNBC's Morning Joe: Claims 'Few' Watch It, But Staffers Say He Tunes In Everyday

Everyone knows President Donald Trump dislikes MSNBC's Morning Joe show and hosts Joe Scarborough and Mika Brzezinski. They have a long history attacking each other.

He launched another attack against the pair on Thursday, claiming they were "a dead show," and that "few people (were) watching" them.

Without looking into their ratings yet, Scarborough responded to the president's criticism by saying that not only is that not true but he was told that President Trump watches his show religiously every single day. If that's the case, that would make Trump one of their "few" fans. That would be pretty funny.

“If it’s true nobody is watching us anymore, we do know based on your staff members that we have at least one viewer every morning, and we thank you, Donald,” Scarborough said.

“We can always count on you. How are you doing? Get some sleep. Get some sleep. We’re sad for you. He’s not doing well.”

Before covering this, the Morning Joe hosts took off the gloves and spoke about Trump's lawyers and speculated on their opinion of their own client.

"Isn't it remarkable how little confidence Donald Trump's own lawyer's have in him? That they think he is too stupid to sit across the table from Robert Mueller? If I was Trump, I would be insulted," Scarborough added later.

Hey, he attacked their ratings, what did you expect?