Trump At Tonight's Rally: Be Careful, You're Going To Lose Your 2nd Amendment

President Donald Trump is having a campaign-style rally in Billings, Montana on Thursday night - and immediately after letting GOP Senate candidate Matt Rosendale speak - tells everyone in attendance that they "need to be careful, you're going to lose your 2nd Amendment."

That was one of his slogans for voting against Democrats in the upcoming mid-term elections.

Trump needs Rosendale in the Senate. After all, Matt Rosendale pledged to vote for everything Trump wanted if he was elected. If Trump is impeached in the House (should Democrats win), he's going to need jurors on his side in the Senate to avoid a conviction.

The NRA loves Rosendale, too. Just last night they endorsed Rosendale's candidacy.

Trump then went on to tell the crowd that their Medicare is only going one way: it's going stronger. Trump straight up lied to his crowd: Republicans in the Senate just a few months ago voted to cut $2 trillion from Medicare and Medicaid - with additional cuts to Social Security targeted towards mainly people with disabilities - those cuts were much less than Medicare but still totaled in the billions of dollars.

So, we really aren't sure why Trump is telling his loyal supporters he has their back on Medicare. Your guess is as good as ours.
Trump also told the crowd that North Korean leader Kim Jong Un praised him shortly before he took to the podium:

The rally is currently ongoing at the time of this writing.