Trump asks aides again about replacing Pence on the ticket

Tensions have been mounting among President Trump, Vice President Pence and their top advisers ever since the GOP's losses in the 2018 midterm elections.

The losses caused Trump to discuss replacing Pence on the ticket with aides , according to Yahoo News.

Trump also asked about it a second time during his August vacation to his Bedminster, N.J. golf course, according to advisers who spoke on condition of anonymity.

Current and former Trump and Pence advisers say that the relationship between the two might seem warm but it is also pretty "aloof." The Vice President is not even considered to be as influential in the White House as Jared Kushner or Stephen Miller.

"Pence has a lane that he sticks to in the White House," said Tom LoBianco, who interviewed everyone involved.

One of the reasons Trump is thinking of going another way on the ticket is because of Kushner and Ivanka - they are pushing this on the president. They think that finding a woman running mate could help win back suburbs for Trump in 2020. All of this conjecture has worried the vice president's camp.

Right now, though, all of this is insider talk. Nothing is being confirmed officially, and don't expect it to be. It's extremely unheard of for a president to consider changing up the ticket in modern times. It just doesn't really happen. Of course, no other president has had this much turnover in office, either, so it only makes sense that Trump would consider his running mate to be on the chopping block, too.