Trump Arrives At His Golf Club As Entire Nation Watches Obama Slam Him At McCain's Funeral

President Donald Trump has arrived at the Trump National Golf Club in Sterling, VA, according to NBC News.

In addition to this being Trump's 195th day at a Trump property as president and his 152nd day at a Trump golf club since taking the oath of office, Trump did it right as former President Obama was speaking at McCain's memorial service at the National Cathedral.

Obama's eulogy of McCain preceded right after former President George W. Bush's and his daughter, Meghan McCain, who shook the country with her poignant words of her father.

Here are some of memorable shots of Obama's speech:

When Obama started talking about the types of disagreements he had with McCain, he said "when everything was all said and done, we never doubted we were on the same team."

Obama opened up about how even though they used to be political opponents back in 2008, where Obama defeated McCain in the presidential election, Obama still invited McCain to the White House to join him in the Oval Office to talk about their differences.

Imagine President Trump doing that now. It's hard to.


Preisdent Obama is truly a class act when remembering his moments with John McCain:

"President Bush and I are among the fortunate few who competed against John at the highest levels of politics. He made us better presidents."

Watch President Obama's entire eulogy of John McCain below: