Trump: It was a crime for Pelosi to rip up my speech behind my back (VIDEO)

President Donald Trump said on the White House lawn that he thinks Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi committed an illegal act when she decided to tear up her copy of his speech after the president's State of the Union address.

DONALD TRUMP: "Well, I thought it was a terrible thing when she ripped up the speech. First of all it's an official document, you're not allowed, it's illegal what she did. She broke the law.

But I haven't been asked a question other than a lot of people that viewed it, they couldn't believe that she did it. I thought it was terrible, I thought it was very disrespectful to the chamber and to the country."

First off - what Pelosi did wasn't a crime, and secondly, no one is attempting to prosecute her for it. Legal experts are pretty much unanimous on this, so it's unclear why Trump or his defenders are claiming Pelosi is a criminal for during it.

“The simple answer is no, it doesn’t violate the law," said Gregory Magarian, professor of law at the Washington University School of Law in St. Louis, Missouri. "The law that (was) cited ... it applies to government documents, official government documents that have been filed with some government office like the National Archives."

Trump also claimed that he should be able to "expunge" his impeachment record, even though such a remedy doesn't exist under U.S. law.