Trump aides: His attention this weekend will be focused on "golf, cable news, and Twitter"

President Donald Trump arrived in Bedminster, New Jersey on Friday. This will mark his 215th day at a Trump golf club and 283rd day at a Trump property as president.

His aides say that Trump will be focused on golf, cable news, and Twitter. The Associated Press confirms this.

Trump has been president now for two and a half years, and never has his team released a statement like this. He's President of the United States for crying out loud and this is how he will be spending his time?

It's also rather odd considering Trump has repeatedly denounced the term "vacation" when he visits his clubs, preferring to hype up how much he'll be working during his time away from the White House.

Jonathan Lemire, the official White House reporter of the Associated Press, who wrote about the statement, says that as Trump is leaving for his "annual August holiday, he will be confronting a storm of crises, at home and abroad." He says Trump's stay there will likely be 10 days or so, and will have to somehow find a way to confront these challenges while nestled away from objective scrutiny.

Yet - the likely sentiment is, Trump simply doesn't care and is unconcerned. That's probably why his aides say he'll be focused on the things that matter to him most: the news and golf.

“He doesn’t think he is facing any challenges. His attitude is, ‘The economy is doing great, I am putting the hammer down on China, the rest is just noise,’” said former White House communications director Anthony Scaramucci. “The media is against him, his supporters are for him and the Democrats don’t seem like a threat.”

“He’s going on vacation feeling smug.”