Trump Advisor Turned Informant: Attorney General Lied Under Oath (VIDEO)

George Papadopoulos, the former Trump campaign advisor who was just sentenced to jail for lying to investigators, gave an interview with ABC on Sunday morning and revealed quite the doozy on Attorney General Jeff Sessions.

When Papadopoulos was asked about Sessions "testifying under oath" that he "pushed back" against a Trump meeting with Putin, he said that "My recollection differs from Jeff Sessions."

He was asked again, but gave the exact same answer: "All I can say is that my recollection differs from Jeff Sessions."

In other words, Sessions lied.

Papadopoulos could be using that line for a number of reasons instead of giving a more detailed account, so don't fault him for not specifically saying that Sessions lied. But, watch the tape. That's what he said.

You saw the flashback of Sessions testimony before Congress. ABC played it over for us.

Papadopoulos also told ABC that he told both Trump and Sessions that he had a connection to set up a potential summit between Trump and Putin, and that contrary to Sessions testimony, "Sessions was quite enthusiastic."

So - if all of what this former Trump campaign advisor is saying is true - why does the Attorney General of the United States still have a job? Isn't lying to Congress a crime?