Trump's medical documents released, declared officially obese by his own physician

President Donald Trump's own physician just released a document via a press release that proves the Commander-in-Chief is obese.

According to Trump's health information, he is 6'3 in height and 243 pounds. That leaves him with a BMI above 30, the threshold needed.

Before the report came out Trump indicated that he hadn't been following his doctor's diet and exercise recommendations.

"The president received a diet and exercise plan last year after his annual physical, but the president admits he has not followed it religiously," Deputy Press Secretary Hogan Gidley told the press a week ago.

In addition to this, insiders in the administration say that Trump doesn't use the fitness room in the White House like former President Barack Obama did. Obama made it an effort to work out at least one hour each day, preferring to rotate between cardio and weight lifting.

Still, Trump believes that he has “incredibly good genes, and it’s just the way God made him.”

Weight issues aside, Trump's doctors decided to increase his dosing of Rosuvastatin to lessen any further bad cholesterol concerns.

The president received his four hour examination on February 8th, at the Walter Reed Military National Military Medical Center, his second periodic physical examination since taking the oath of office.

It's still unknown if they performed a mental health checkup.