Trump gets regular sized salt-and-pepper shakers, while everyone else gets miniature ones

President Donald Trump's ego appears to be much bigger than what has previously been reported. Apparently, he also requires larger salt-and-pepper shakers than everyone else at a lot of his official dinner functions.

When you compare the differences in size, his are more than twice the size of his guests at working lunches and dinners.

Pictures of previous presidents Bill Clinton, George W. Bush, and Barack Obama showed them using shakers of the same size. So, this is definitely not a normal thing for the White House.

Business Insider looked at past photo archives to confirm this.

Here's Clinton with former Vice President Al Gore during a meeting.

In 2005, this photograph shows Bush with former Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice. No size difference here.

Pals Obama and Biden liked to hold their weekly lunches in the private dining room of the White House, and yes, the shakers are still the same size.

Now, let's fast forward to Trump again. Here he is at a cabinet meeting in September 2017. The shakers of Vice President Pence and everyone else are miniature in size compared to Trump's. Ā 

We're curious what all the cabinet members think about this privately. It has to be an inside joke inside the White House.

President Trump even required the special shakers when he dined with the United Nations Security Council. Again - all of these show size differences. This appears to be a normal practice for the administration, not just a fluke occurrence.

Here Trump can be seen with Secretary of Energy Rick Perry in March 2018.

We don't have any evidence that Trump personally ordered the shakers to be different sizes but can anyone imagine him not being behind this? We can't.

The only conclusion we can come up with is that Trump loves salt-and-pepper so much more than everyone else, that alone justifies his needing much bigger bottles of the substances.

We do know that he's not following his doctors advice of eating healthier. Before his last annual physical he was reported to have high cholesterol and a common form of heart disease. His sudden, unscheduled trip to Walter Reed Medical Center caused a flurry of rumors that Trump had a medical condition needing to be treated, but the White House vehemently denies this.

Maybe Trump should get the smaller ones, instead.