Treasury Secretary Steve Mnuchin claimed Trump worked on virus relief while on the golf course

In June, the White House said Trump couldn't be reached on the golf course to take down a racist video.

Treasury Secretary Steven Mnuchin on Monday said Donald Trump is "available" to be involved in negotiations on a COVID-19 relief package even as he played a round of golf.

Mnuchin made the assertion during a discussion of ongoing negotiations between the White House and congressional leaders and their failure to agree on legislation despite the expiration of unemployment benefits on Friday.

As Democrats and Republicans in Congress, along with Mnuchin and other White House aides, were discussing the details of a possible deal, Trump played a round of golf at his Virginia club on Saturday. It was the 283rd trip Trump has made to a golf course since taking office.

Mnuchin's claim that Trump was available for negotiations while on the course run counter to previous claims about his availability in a similar situation.

In June, Trump retweeted a video of one of his supporters chanting, "White power." The video remained on Trump's account for over three hours before he deleted the tweet. White House officials told NBC News that the video stayed on Trump's account because he couldn't be reached at the Virginia golf club.

From an Aug. 3 press availability:

REPORTER: Do you think the president needs to be more involved, this weekend he's been golf...
STEVEN MNUCHIN: The president's incredibly involved. So, let me just say
REPORTER: But he's been golfing this weekend, sir, do you think he needs to hold a meeting here at the White House? Does he need to be involved in these talks?
MNUCHIN: Let me comment. I think Mark [Meadows] and I spoke to the  president something like eight or 10 times yesterday. The president,  wherever he is, is available around the clock for us. I spoke to him very late last night, I'll be speaking to him again this morning.
The president is fully available.