Treasury Secretary caught taking favors from convicted felon

Treasury Secretary Steven Mnuchin, who refuses to appear before Congress regarding the government shutdown, has just been caught taking favors from convicted felon and billionaire Michael R. Milken.

According to the New York Times, Mnuchin flew from Washington to Los Angeles this month on Milken's private aircraft.

The Treasury Department confirmed the allegation just today and it's just the latest example of top Trump administration using luxurious aircraft for personal reasons.

The Treasury Department claims that there's nothing wrong with Mnuchin taking personal favors from his good friend Milken who spent two years in prison for securities fraud. They said they did an internal review and an ethics waiver wasn't needed.

Here's some more info on this: Mnuchin has been trying to get President Trump to pardon Milken for the six criminal charges he pleaded guilty to. Even though Milken paid $600 million in fines and was sentenced to ten years in prison, he only served two years.

The fact that Mnuchin can lobby on Milken's behalf while taking favors from him in office is a major oversight in the law. It's not technically illegal and this should be changed.

Richard Painter, the former chief ethics counsel for President George W. Bush agrees with this sentiment.

“The appearance of a Treasury secretary sitting on a private plane belonging to someone who is convicted of a felony securities fraud, it’s just atrocious, regardless of who paid for the plane,” Mr. Painter said.

What's even  more troubling is that there are no logs detailing conversations between the two men. It's possible that they discussed Milken's pardon while on his private jet. Mnuchin's spokesman cannot deny this publicly.