Tom Arnold: Video Shows Trump Saying 'N-Word' Multiple Times

Comedian Tom Arnold says he has the goods on President Donald Trump.

Mr. Arnold spoke with Politico's Off Message and recorded an interview saying that tapes exist of Trump saying the 'N-word' multiple times.

If you listen to the podcast, Arnold shares some inside information on what Trump has talked about on the set of the Apprentice and elsewhere, places like The Playboy Mansion when Hugh Hefner was still throwing parties.

"Trump was a racist. And he talked to black people that way. Talking about going to see the p***y at the Playboy mansion and sharing stuff like 'I've never f*cked know, he didn't say black chick (implying N-word)."

Tom Arnold says he doesn't have possession of the tapes because they are locked up but dares Trump to say his name or deny it, because he knows what he's saying is true.

"The second he says my name, we’re going to f---ing go in to [“Apprentice” producer] Mark Burnett, and he has to open it up for me. Because I know exactly the episodes. I know exactly what I’m going to do.”

There is currently a legal battle to get the tapes released.

Tom Arnold clarified more about the contents of 'these tapes.' It's important to note that their existence hasn't been proven but Zack Stanton did mention in his Politico article that it was a "tantalizing mystery that Burnett, the show's producer and Trump friend, has kept all the archives from the show sealed and frightened former staffers into silence with legal threats."

"My whole goal, really, is to get one 12-hour day of the boardrooms shoot. Because if America could see that, they’d know what’s going on in the White House right now, how incompetent the guy is. That’s really my goal. It’s not to hear one N-word. And by the way, you’d hear much worse than that,” Arnold said, referring to the set where Trump used to build up to his “You’re fired” catchphrase. “You’d see the incompetence that’s going on. You’d see why we don’t know what’s happening to these children at the border, you’d see why Puerto Rico [happened], you’d see what’s going on with the Supreme Court, why the country is falling apart, all the lies, all the people that were working at the White House, the jobs, the EPA. You’d see why the country is on the verge of this stuff with North Korea. If you see one 12-hour day, America would go, ‘Oh.’ And then when Robert Mueller comes out with his stuff, they’d go, ‘Oh, yeah. That makes a hundred percent sense.’”

“I just want to see—to go in there and—and if he didn’t say the N-word in those 10,000 hours of ‘Apprentice’ things, then I will let him take a piss on me on the White House lawn, and that will be the pee tape,” he says. “But I also happen to believe there’s a pee tape.”

You can listen to the entire podcast interview HERE.

Tom Arnold has been on T.V. alot recently and says that people deserve to know the truth.