The NY Court Of Appeals Just Made The 'Trump Tapes' Come To Light, Hand The President A Loss

President Donald Trump was denied by the New York Court of Appeals the ability to grant a stay of proceedings in the defamation lawsuit brought by former reality show contestant Summer Zervos.

Trump had sought to end discovery proceedings, which would require him to hand over a variety of evidence being requested by the courts. He will also be subject to being subpoenaed.

One of the arguments Trump's attorneys used for throwing the suit out was that Trump couldn't be sued in state court. A New York Supreme Court Justice disagreed with that proposition.

The appeals court denied Trump just weeks after a lower court found that Zervos had every right to gather evidence.

She and her attorneys have already subpoenaed MGM for any video or audio recording of Trump on The Apprentice or other show that features Mr. Trump talking about Mrs. Zervos or speaking of women "in any sexual or inappropriate manner."

It was already rumored that a more devastating video of Trump talking negatively about women exists but just hasn't been released yet.

According to a former 'Apprentice' producer, 'far worse tapes exist.' Here's Bill Pruitt speaking up on that:

"As a producer on seasons 1 & 2 of The Apprentice, I assure you: when it comes to the Trump tapesĀ there are far worse."Ā 

Zervos claims in her lawsuit that the evidence obtained from discovery will prove that Trump defamed her when he said that she lied about him sexually assaulting her.

For the record: Zervos is just a handful of several women who have accused Trump of sexual impropriety, with adult movie star Stormy Daniels being the most recognized.