The Minority Report is reality - DHS Secretary Wolf admits to 'proactive arrests'

The Minority Report was a dystopian short story turned into movie starring Tom Cruise in which criminals were arrested before they could commit crimes.

The essence of that story has come close to being reality in the United States after the acting Department of Homeland Secretary Chad Wolf admitted, during an interview with Fox News Tuesday night, that Federal officers being deployed to Portland, Oregon were 'proactively' arresting individuals.

"The department, because we don’t have that local support, that local law enforcement support, are having to go out and proactively arrest  individuals," Wolf said. "And we need to do that because we need to hold them accountable. This idea that they can attack federal property and  law enforcement officers and go to the other side of the street and say 'you can’t touch me' is ridiculous."

Trump and the DHS have been facing fierce backlash for the authoritarian tactics. The Mayor of Portland, Ted Wheeler, called the actions "completely unconstitutional."

Arresting people before they commit any crimes, is of course unlawful. Wolf may have been referring to people who were committing federal crimes when he mentioned "proactive arrests", but there have been numerous reports to the contrary.

Many people have frightened because they could not tell if the officers were police or far-right extremists, who frequently don military-like outfits and harass left-leaning protesters in Portland.

Some were quick to point out that Wolf shouldn't even be in the role any longer since he was never confirmed by the Senate has gone over the 210 day limit for an "acting" role.

Other's pointed out Wolf's inexperience to be in the role in the first place.