Senators On Judiciary Committee: We Have Evidence Judge Kavanaugh Committed A Crime

Senator Patrick Leahy just released a bombshell announcement that we still need more information about.

Here's what he said during Judge Kavanaugh's hearing. He released a cryptic message over Twitter, that Rachel Maddow even took notice of:

"We have discovered evidence that Judge Kavanaugh misled the Senate during his 2004 and 2006 hearings. Truthfulness under oath is not an optional qualification for a Supreme Court nominee."

As you know, misleading the Senate, or lying to the Senate is a federal crime. It's also the ultimate reason for why Judge Kavanaugh shouldn't receive an appointment to the nation's highest court, if what Senator Leahy is saying is true.

Leah questioned Kavanaugh about him misleading the Senate, when he was nominated to be an appellate judge in 2006, and wasn't satisfied with his responses. One reason for this is due to the fact that confidential documents are not available to the public that can contradict Kavanaugh's assertions that he knew nothing about the Bush administration's warrant-less surveillance program or efforts by Republicans to steal material from Democrats.

Watch one of those moments below:

But, here's the thing. Leahy says he has "evidence," and said during the video watched above that "he will return when Kavanaugh is under oath." He said the hearing behind held today was premature. Leahy isn't revealing all his cards, yet.

We haven't heard the last of this.

Later in the hearing, Leahy asked Kavanaugh the one question we all want to know more about: does the potential next Supreme Court Justice of the United States think Trump should be able to pardon himself?

Kavanaugh refused to answer.

He tried to say it was because it was a "potential hypothetical," but Trump has already asked his own aides if he could. While no president in history has ever tried to, if Trump did, then it would end up in the Supreme Court. Kavanaugh, if confirmed by the Senate, will be on that court, and yet he didn't want to indicate his position on this issue.