Senator who's voting to acquit: It's possible Trump is simply too dumb to have known (VIDEO)

Senator Lamar Alexander (R-TN) appeared on MSNBC's Meet the Press on Sunday, and is offering a new argument for why he thinks Trump isn't responsible for his own actions.

LAMAR ALEXANDER: If the president was upset with what the Bidens were doing in Ukraine, he should've called the attorney general.

CHUCK TODD: Why didn't he then?  

ALEXANDER: Maybe he didn't know to do it.

This is the same thing as saying, maybe Trump wasn't knowledgeable or smart enough to know how to conduct himself as president. This also assumes he is just sitting in the Oval Office all by himself and doesn't have anybody to counsel with or talk to, which is an absurd idea in itself.

Chuck Todd called him and other Republicans out on this "well, he's still new to this" rhetoric. Todd followed up: "At what point is he no longer new to this?"

Alexander finally admits: "Bottom line, it's not an excuse. He shouldn't have done it."

That didn't stop Senator Alexander from voting against calling witnesses during Trump's impeachment trial and he says it also won't stop him from acquitting the president when he gets the chance.