Senator Kamala Harris Just Humiliated Judge Kavanaugh In Grueling Exchange

Senator Kamala Harris just put Trump's Supreme Court Nominee in the hot seat - and it was absolutely grueling.

You're going to want to watch this one.

Senator Harris started off by asking Kavanaugh a simple question: have you ever discussed the Mueller probe with anyone?

Simple enough, right?

Kavanaugh tried to deflect at first. He was then forced to specify: "Well, yes, with other judges."

Thinking that might be the end of it (trust us, it's not), Senator Harris then asked Kavanaugh specifically if he had discussed the Mueller probe with anyone from a particular law firm, one associated with Trump's personal lawyer.


Kavanaugh plays dumb. He looks really tense and takes awhile to answer.

Senator Harris warns him: "Be sure about your answer, sir."

To this all Kavanaugh can say is: I'm not remembering.

The entire 8-minute exchange is very revealing. Senator Harris did a great job trying to get Kavanaugh to admit to his conversations concerning the Mueller probe over President Trump, and he just didn't "want to tell" the Senate about it. Harris accused him of not wanting to tell them what he discussed.

It was a really long day on Capitol Hill and this moment between Harris and Kavanaugh was one of the best moments.