Senator Harris makes Trump's Attorney General pick look really dumb on the border wall (VIDEO)

President Donald Trump's attorney general pick, William Barr, is having quite the confirmation hearing today in the Senate.

Here's one key aspect that stood out:

Senator Kamala Harris cornered Barr on Trump's proposed wall and pointed out that most of the drugs coming into the U.S. were through points of entry after asking Barr if he thought the wall was a good idea.

Harris: Are you advocating a wall?

Barr: Well, I'm advocating a system, a barrier in some places. I'd have to find out more about the situation.

Right before this Barr said he thought a wall would help drug trafficking.

It didn't exactly make him look the best in front of everyone.

That was only one exchange, though.

Barr during the hearing refused to say whether he will abide by the ethics officials at the DOJ if he is asked to recuse himself from the Mueller investigation. He did, however, say that he would allow Mueller to finish his investigation but doesn't know if he would make it public.

This is a major problem.

Barr has gone on the record to accuse the Mueller investigation as being "fatally misconceived."

This is still better than the current acting attorney general, but not much of an improvement. It's why Trump picked him.

Just as equally concerning was when Barr was asked by Senator Klobuchar if the Justice Department would jail reporters for doing their jobs. Barr said it's possible that could happen.

It won't take much for the Senate to confirm him since the GOP holds the majority. So far, it looks like Republicans don't really care that much about these issues and are just looking to put him in as soon as possible.