Senator gives powerful speech against Ted Cruz for being a hypocrite, crying fake tears (VIDEO)

Senator Michael Bennet (D-Co.) just gave a great speech on the floor of the Senate today after Senator Ted Cruz finished speaking.

This one is worth watching.

Here's the transcript:

Madam, President, as you know, I seldom rise on this floor  to contradict someone on the other side. I've worked very hard over the years with the presiding officer of the other side with my Republican colleagues, but these crocodile tears that the senator from Texas is crying for first responders are too hard for me to take. They are too hard. Because when the senator from Texas shut this government down in 2013, my state was flooded.

This is where the senator spoke up a bit, and Cruz later accused him of shouting at him. Maybe he did a little, but Cruz deserved it.

*continued* My state was under water! People were killed. People houses were destroyed. Their small businesses were ruined, forever! And because of the senator from Texas, this government was shut down for politics. And he went to a second place finish in the Iowa caucuses, but was of no help to the first responders, to the teachers, to the students who schools were closed when the federal government was shutdown because of the junior senator from Texas.

Now it's his business, not my business, why he wants to support a president who wants to erect an evil barrier on the border of Texas, who wants to use eminent domain to build that wall, who wants to declare a constiutional emergency to build that wall. That's the business of the senator from Texas. I can assure you in Colorado if a president said he was going to use eminent domain to erect a barrier across the state of Colorado, across the Rocky Mountains of Colorado, he was going to steal the property of our farmers and ranchers to build an illegal wall, there wouldn't be an elected leader from our state to support that idea.