Sen. Warren Grills Trump's Health Czar: Time's Up, You Didn't Lower Drug Prices As Promised

Senator Elizabeth Warren just called out Health and Human Services Secretary Alex Azar at a Senate hearing on Tuesday, saying that none of the top ten drug companies have lowered their prices after Trump promised that "there would be massive decreases" in two weeks.

Time is up.

"He said there would be massive decreases in prices within two weeks," Warren said at the Senate Health Committee hearing. "It's been two weeks and there have been no decreases and an indication of increase."
Secretary Azar's defense was that the drug companies were still working on it.
"There are actually several drug companies that are looking at substantial and material decreases in drug prices,” he said.
Senator Warren wasn't buying it, though. She specifically referred back to her original statement to when Trump said there'd be lower prices in "two weeks."
“In other words, the president's promise that we would see massive decreases in two weeks hasn't happened and you don't have anyone lined up who's actually going to decrease drug prices."