Sen. Joni Ernst (R-IA): We could impeach Biden as soon as the next day if he's elected

Iowa Senator Joni Ernst is now threatening that Republicans could immediately decide to impeach Joe Biden if he wins the White House.

“I think this door of impeachable whatever has been opened,” Ernst said talking to Bloomberg News. “Joe Biden should be very careful what he’s asking for because, you know, we can have a situation where if it should ever be President Biden, that immediately, people, right the day after he would be elected would be saying, ‘Well, we’re going to impeach him.’”

She went on, saying he was eligible to be impeached “for being assigned to take on Ukrainian corruption yet turning a blind eye to Burisma because his son was on the board making over a million dollars a year.”

Ernst made the comments just before the Senate is to take a vote in the coming days on whether to acquit President Trump or not. On Friday, the Senate voted to not call any more witnesses, signaling an end to the third impeachment in United States history.

Biden heard of Ernst's comments about him and made sure to tell his crowds about what she's really doing is "spilling the beans" about Republicans real intentions. He says they're just afraid of going against him in the general election:

“You can ruin Donald Trump’s night by caucusing with me and ruin Joni Ernst’s night as well,” he told Iowa crowds.

Biden is even making campaign ads around the issue.

Biden communications director Kate Bedingfield said this is great momentum for them on the ground.

“Iowans have the chance tomorrow to say the words that Donald Trump and Joni Ernst fear most: I’m here to caucus for Joe Biden.”