Secretary Carson admits there's no 'fully formulated' plan for coronavirus in damning interview (VIDEO)

Housing Secretary Ben Carson admitted on Sunday with ABC's George Stephanopoulos that they're not sure how to contain the coronavirus in California 'right now' but will know shortly.

Here's the problem with this, as Stephanopulous rightly pointed out: The administration has less than 24 hours to come up with that plan! Carson's answer was even more dramatic because he's a member of the Trump administration’s coronavirus task force.

STEPHANOPOULOS: The Grand Princess is docking tomorrow. What's the plan for the 3,500 people on board?
BEN CARSON: They're coming up with one.  
STEPHANOPOULOS: It docks tomorrow.
BEN CARSON: The plan will be in place.  
STEPHANOPOULOS: Shouldn't you be able to say what it is?  
BEN CARSON: It hasn't been fully formulated.

The Grand Princess cruise ship could dock as early as Sunday afternoon, giving the government even less time. It will dock in Oakland, California and 21 passengers have already tested positive for the virus.

This guy is stumbling all over himself answering tough questions.

Stephanopoulos continued to press him: Is it time for more extensive measures? We've heard, for instance, the president say he's going to continue with political rallies in the face of this. Is this sending the right message, or is it time for broader community measures to contain this?

Carson didn't look too comfortable, but answered very slowly: "There's no reason you shouldn't go if you're healthy."

Stephanopoulos: "I'm confused by the message you're sending right now Dr. Carson. I have to say, we just heard the Governor of California say 'it's not a question of if schools are going to close, but when schools are going to close.' We've seen companies taking responsibility, but you seem to be putting all the responsibility back on individuals."

Carson then said the CDC would have to come out with that answer, because he doesn't know.

"Right now, the advice is to go about your normal, daily activities."