Rich businessman/homeless person team up to see if people will help him on the streets (VIDEO)

A very wealthy, anonymous business man is giving away a lot of cash this year, just like he does every year. Except this time around, he's enlisting the help of a person named Moses Elder in Phoenix, Arizona, who up until recently, has been down on his luck.

In addition to receiving a large, unspecified amount of money himself by the businessman (likely not making him homeless anymore), Moses new mission was going to be very simple: all he had to do was stand on the street with thousands of dollars in his pocket and anytime someone gave him money (thinking he was poor), he would give them money instead, shocking the kind strangers who were trying to help him out.

Most people walked by him, though, not helping out at all. They'll find out later if they ever watch the news that was a huge mistake.

The businessman who was actually fronting all the cash gets to look on in the background and enjoy the satisfaction people receive by his generous donations. He prefers to go by the name Secret Santa.

He spoke with CBS News Steve Hartman, saying "I think this will be a joyful experience for him(Moses). It's a myth that the homeless just take. From my experience the people with the least give up what they have."

CBS News even captured this sentiment on camera. A man by the name of Danny McCoy put change in Moses cup even though he had no idea how he was going to buy Christmas presents this year for his kids. You can imagine - he too got pretty emotional when Moses handed him money instead.

Moses was filmed by CBS giving hundred dollar bills to a countless number of strangers, likely touching many lives in the local community, not just the people who made it in the video.

Some received a little bit more than others just depending on who Moses thought needed the money most. He gave one guy at church $400. He gave another lady who was homeless with five children, $500. She was in tears when he did it.

We still don't know how much Secret Santa gave Moses but it has to be enough to change his life around. Moses told CBS that "this here is a new beginning for me." He says even still, "that reward pales to the joy he received from helping others."

"Today, we changed a lot of people lives but I believe my life was changed the most."

It's stories like this that we hope are influential to everyone. While it might be that time of the year for giving, this is something that we should remember every day of the year.

Even if you can't give back in money, you can give back in time. That might even be more valuable, since time is really more important than money.