Sean Hannity is going to be Trump's key witness against Michael Cohen: I heard him! (VIDEO)

President Donald Trump is finally back in Washington D.C. after a shortened stay in Vietnam over the last couple of days.

Sean Hannity received an exclusive interview with the president (which Trump announced on his Twitter feed just beforehand) and the two discussed North Korea, the Democrats, and yes, Michael Cohen.

This is where things got kind of weird and interesting.

Hannity offered to be Trump's witness when he said that Michael Cohen told him personally on numerous occasions that it was actually "his idea to do the payments" and Trump didn't know.

You just have to watch this to believe it.

Here's Hannity to Trump in the "interview" if you want to call it that:

"He said to me, personally, at least a dozen times, that he made the decision on the payments and he didn't tell you."

Trump took it and ran with it.

"Yes, he did. He made the decision."

So, all of this Stormy Daniels mess is Michael Cohen's fault. Trump is just the innocent bystander getting framed.


If this interview was taken place more than a year ago, it is possible we might believe him, but it's not. A treasure trove of information and reporting has happened in this span of time and most of the facts and timeline on this has already been uncovered.

Remember: Hope Hicks, Trump's prior campaign spokeswoman, denied the affair just before Election Day 2016. From there it all just spiraled downward.

One key reason this interview makes no sense is that fact that Trump's personal attorney, Rudy Giuliani, already admitted on May 2, 2018 that Trump reimbursed Cohen for the payments, after the administration continued to lie about the affair. This coupled with the fact that they said Trump started reimbursing Cohen shortly after Election Day, while still lying about the affair to the media and the world, lets us know Cohen is being honest now.

Also - who really believes Trump didn't know? He was the guy having the affair. And, now he has Sean Hannity as his key witness. It's more than laughable.