Sean Hannity has a bug crawl up his face during live broadcast (VIDEO)

Fox News' Sean Hannity had an unidentified bug crawl up his neck while doing his show on Thursday night.

He must not have noticed, because he didn't even flinch once.

The little critter was first found on his shirt and then it slowly, one by one, made its way all the way up his neck.

They say bugs are attracted to shit, but this is taking it to a whole other level.

Because the bug arrived just before commercial break, we don't have the pleasure of getting to see his reaction once he realized (if he ever did) that the bugs were onto him! But, alas, at least we have this short footage.

Also - some people are speculating that this is finally proof he really is an alien from the movie Men in Black. But, like your average Fox News report from Hannity, there's really no evidence to back that assertion up.