Scaramucci: Republicans may need to replace Trump on the 2020 ticket

Anthony Scaramucci, who was attacked by President Donald Trump late on Saturday night for speaking out against his former boss, says that Republicans may need to pick a different candidate in 2020.

In a phone interview with Axios on Sunday afternoon, Scaramucci compared Trump to a nuclear reactor and a Republican challenger could take on the president.

  • "We are now in the early episodes of 'Chernobyl' on HBO, where the reactor is melting down and the apparatchiks are trying to figure out whether to cover it up or start the clean-up process," Scaramucci said.
  • "A couple more weeks like this and 'country over party' is going to require the Republicans to replace the top of the ticket in 2020."

Scaramucci is driving calls for Trump to start changing his ways or face some consequences: If he "doesn't reform his behavior, it will not just be me, but many others will be considering helping to find a replacement in 2020."

"Right now, it's an unspeakable thing. But if he keeps it up, it will no longer be unspeakable. The minute they start speaking of it, it will circulate and be socialized. We can't afford a full nuclear contamination site post 2020."

Scaramucci says that attacking congresswomen of color is dividing the country. He's not so much concerned about Trump's attacks on him but how it affects the country's view of the Republican Party, which is the biggest concern.

"For the last 3 years I have fully supported this President. Recently he has said things that divide the country in a way that is unacceptable. So I didn’t pass the 100% litmus test. Eventually he turns on everyone and soon it will be you and then the entire country."