Sarah Sanders remark backfires on her when she defends calling people 'rats'

Press Secretary Sarah Huckabee Sanders hasn't held a press briefing in weeks. Today's was pretty wild.

Here's one key moment that stood out: She defended President Trump calling Michael Cohen 'a rat' when a reporter questioned her on it.

Reporter: I'm wondering, does using terms like rat, and things like that, for people who are cooperating with the FBI, does that instill confidence in the rule of law for the American people?

Sanders cut him off before he even got the chance to finish speaking entirely: "for people who are dishonest and lying, I mean, it seems like a pretty appropriate term."

That's funny she should say that. A lot of people would think she could be called 'a rat' then under that definition, too.

Let that all sink in for a moment.

Now - take a look at this. After just standing at the podium for less than 10 minutes, Sarah abruptly ended taking any more questions.

As she tried to walk away, a reporter took her to task: "Do your job, Sarah!"

Keep in mind: The White House hasn't held a briefing in 48 days.