Sarah Sanders: 99% of the people who are still getting mad at me are women (VIDEO)

Sarah Huckabee Sanders, in her first appearance as a Fox News pundit on Friday, complained that people — especially women — still take her to task for lying on Trump's behalf.

"Every once in a while, you have somebody who comes up to say something nasty to you," Sanders told "Fox & Friends" hosts. "What I always find interesting is 99% of the people who come over to say something negative and to attack you are women, and I find that very startling."

Sanders went on to note that she found it jarring that people who support women's equality would criticize her since she was "only the third woman and the first mom to ever be the White House press secretary."

"Women attack me relentlessly instead of being proud we have more women doing those types of jobs," Sanders lamented.

Women have led the opposition to Trump since before he was elected, voting for popular vote winner Hillary Clinton over him by 13 percentage points.

During her time as his leading public spokesperson, Sanders repeatedly made outrageous, inflammatory, or outright false statements in service of Trump.

Early in her tenure, she said civil rights heroes like Rep. John Lewis (D-GA) were ignorant of civil rights history. She lied about why Trump fired former FBI Director James Comey — an admission she made to special counsel Robert Mueller's investigators. She even lied about the threat of terrorism at the southern border, to push for Trump's anti-immigrant policies.

In service of Trump, Sanders said that it was "biblical" to tear families apart at the border — a sentiment that many Americans, especially women, would find reprehensible and worthy of scorn.

Sanders spent the last several months of her job at the White House in hiding, canceling the daily press briefing after it became clear she could not defend many of Trump's policies in front of the free press.

In private life, Sanders is facing criticism she avoided in her White House job — and she doesn't like it.

Published with permission of The American Independent. Attribution: Oliver Willis.