Sarah Huckabee Sanders: I hope my legacy will be "transparent and honest" every day (VIDEO)

President Donald Trump's Press Secretary Sarah Huckabee Sanders has one wish: she wants her legacy to be that she tried to be "transparent and honest" every single day.

That's at least what she told an audience at the Woman's Leadership Summit on Tuesday.

Speaking of transparency, she accidentally let slip the words "Kremlin Justice Reform." She tried to say "Criminal Justice Reform."

On a less funny note, Sanders was asked to explain to Eliana Johnson of Politico how she can justify President Trump treating female reporters in a certain way.

"He's called one a total loser. He's told another that she asks a lot of stupid questions. As a professional woman, do you think that's appropriate?"

Sanders justified Trump's responses by saying that he's had an equally number of contentious confrontations with your "male colleagues." That's all the proof Trump needs to give to show he's not singling out women she contends.

When Eliana followed up her question by asking specifically if Sanders thought the behavior was appropriate regardless of the gender issue, Sanders immediately flipped the issue: 'I don't always think the behavior of the press is appropriate.'

So, now - back to Sander's legacy wish: she can't even get through the Women's Leadership Summit with being honest the entire time. Given the questions you saw her answer her today, do you really think she will be able to leave the White House with that reputation?

If you thought that was an unfair comparison, how about this little 'transparency' fact: a turkey spent more time in front of the press than Sarah Huckabee did last month.