Trump: "I'm always right" and Russia isn't sending military. Well, they just did (VIDEO)

President Donald Trump claimed just a few months ago in the Oval Office that Russia had pulled personnel out of Venezuela, just a week after tweeting information saying the same thing.

The Kremlin denied Trump's assertion just a day later, saying: "there have been no official messages in this regard from the Russian side nor could there be any.”

Basically, Trump was making it up according to them.

Trump was pressed on this by a reporter in the Oval, and he just wouldn't back down, saying history would vindicate him and he'd ultimately be proven right:

“Well, let's just see who’s right. You know what you’re gonna do? You're gonna see in the end who’s right. You just watch it. Okay?” Trump said. “And we'll see who is right.”

After a pause, during which another reporter began asking a new question, Trump interrupted: “Ultimately I'm always right.”

Well, that conversation took place in early June and now it's late August. Here's what is going on:

Russia just signed a deal that would allow it to send military ships to Venezuela, strengthening its support in the country and further propping up Venezuelan president Nicolás Maduro's regime, which the U.S. opposes.

Their congress oppose the deal and call it unconstitutional but we have a feeling that's not going to stop them.

Russia is even giving Venezuela "loans" totaling around $10 billion so it can buy fighter jets - loans it won't be able to repay.

Right now, Venezuela is still seen as a ticking time bomb for South America.

Trump couldn't have been proven more wrong on this and what is his administration doing to stand up to Russia? Pretty much nothing.

Trump is trying to get Russia readmitted to the G-7, and make it the G-8 again, just a few years after Russia was kicked out by the member countries. That isn't a popular move on the world stage.