Republicans Think Democrats Planted Dr. Ford 36 Years Ago, Made Her Live Near Kavanaugh As A Teen

Republicans already have their mind made up in this hearing - they think that whatever Dr. Christine Blasey Ford is saying about Judge Kavanaugh is a complete farce - and not only that but that Democrats somehow made all this up in order to prevent Kavanaugh from getting onto the Supreme Court.

What evidence you might say?

Well - it's a fact that Dr. Ford lived near Kavanaugh. That much can't be disputed.

Republicans want you to believe that somehow Democrats planted her there 36 years ago and that there is no evidence connecting Dr. Ford with their choice for the next Supreme Court Justice of the United States.

But, they did live near each other.

Next - Republicans want you to somehow disbelieve Dr. Ford because she can't remember who drove her home from the party or how she got home. The sexual victims prosecutor that Republicans hired to ask all their questions (they're too scared to ask the questions themselves), presented her with a map of how far the party was from her house. This didn't accomplish anything, by the way.

Just before the first break of the morning, Republicans on Fox News were already lamenting and regretting hiring the prosecutor. Several commentators watching also agreed with this assertion.

While the hearing is still ongoing and it will be constantly scrutinized, so far it appears that instead of hitting Dr. Ford with hard questions that are aimed to undermine her testimony, all it has done is help build a case against Judge Kavanaugh. That's the opposite effect of what Republicans were intending.

Even during the hearing, the GOP has been tweeting it's support of Kavanaugh, and "I stand with him." What happened to hearing all the evidence in the hearing before coming to that conclusion?

Even now - Republicans are standing by a timeline of confirming Kavanaugh tommorrow, less than 24 hours after Dr. Ford's testimony, without an FBI investigation and without hearing testimony from Kavanaugh's other accusers, which are coming out of the wood works.

The hearing has been going on for a few hours now already and there is no evidence whatsoever that Dr. Ford is a plant by democratic operatives. None whatsoever. All the evidence supports her proximity to Kavanaugh when this alleged incident occurred.