GOP senator left speechless when asked if his party will deliver their own health plan (VIDEO)

On MSNBC's Meet the Press, Senator John Barrasso (R-Wy.) struggled to answer a very simple question from Chuck Todd on whether Americans should “expect an actual health care plan alternative from the Republican Party this year.”

You need to watch his answer.

He definitely got tripped up and it's no wonder why: The Republican Party doesn't have any clear outline for their own health plan. Their idea is to just leave it to the insurance companies and let people fend for themselves.

“The American people should expect to not have to be — um, burdened with the incredible costs that are affecting them now, he eventually let out."

Chuck Todd couldn't help but smile as he knew he got to the senator.

Kellyanne Conway was asked about this on Fox News Sunday, as well, and said that the Trump administration would have a better plan than Obamacare. This is rhetoric that is similar to Trump's tweets saying the Republican Party is the party of healthcare now.

Chris Wallace wasn't buying that statement, though:  “had two years with Republicans in control of the House and the Senate and the White House and you could never — the GOP — could never come up with a plan that they could all agree to any pass.”

"Well, they need to," she shot back.