Republicans in the room go missing during impeachment testimony that implicates Trump (VIDEO)

An odd thing happened today during EU ambassador Gordon Sondland’s testimony in the House impeachment inquiry: most of the Republicans in the room went missing.

As Ambassador Sondland was implicating President Donald Trump, as well as Vice President Mike Pence and Secretary of State Mike Pompeo, reporters noticed that almost all of the GOP minority on the House Intelligence Committee left the room.

“Unusual that most Rs left room during this round of Dem questions,” tweeted John Parkison, of ABC News. “Only Jordan, Ratcliffe with GOP counsel Steve Castor – and now Nunes returns to dais. No lawmakers seated in viewing area either.”

Chairman Adam Schiff said after break that he gave House Republicans in the minority the opportunity to question the witness but they declined to do so.

“Sondland’s testimony appears to have deflated Republicans,” said Washington Post columnist Dana Milbank. “The GOP members’ cheering squad has left the room.”

Since Republicans aren't winning this fight, they're just not paying any attention to it.

Secretary of State Mike Pompeo got snarky today when asked his thoughts on the "quid pro quo" that the Trump administration was accused of engaging in.  

“I didn’t see a single thing today. I was working. Sounds like you might not have a been.”

Of course he didn't see it. Sondland highlighted Secretary Pompeo's involvement in the bribery scheme, too.