Republicans Deny She Used A 'White Power Sign,' So She Did It Again One Day Later

Okay, folks. Sigh. Deep breath. Here we go, again.

At Brett Kavanaugh's confirmation hearing in the Senate, the entire world threw a fit when they thought Zina Bash, sitting directly behind Judge Kavanaugh, made a white power sign.

Republicans dismissed it as just the way her hands were situated, and proof of nothing. Even Democrats were not all on board with it. After all, it's not that hard to make the hand gesture.

Okay, she gets a pass on that (for some people).

BUT - this political saga isn't over yet. Guess what, guys and gals? She did it again - and this time she held it up (not in a resting posture).

Take a look at the video. It's undeniable.

No matter what your thoughts are on this latest outtake - or if you think Kavanaugh's special assistant is racist or not - this is striking and telling of something.

We're not even sure what all the implications of this are. It's just simply crazy. We still don't even want to believe it - but it happened, and people who were watching this long and arduous televised event all saw it.

This needs to be looked into. Why is she doing this? Was she directed to? And if so, by whom?

Judge Kavanaugh hasn't been confirmed yet but its the last day of hearings. We might not agree with him politically but the fact that his assistant is openly trying to fan the flames of racism by using a "White Power Sign" in an obvious manner and directly so, this confirmation needs to be delayed.